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Adams Animal Hospital

1559 E. Amar Road Suite N

West Covina, CA 91792


Pets Are Family Too


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Jake W.
La Puente, CA
the only thing that I like about this place is the staff members especially the two girls who I think their names are Valerie and Elaine, they made me feel at ease when I took my animals there for the routine check ups. I give the Dr thanks for hiring these two employees, I would not know what to do with out them. thanks girls for being there for me. Give these girls a raise for good sake they deserve it. Dr. Singh thanks for the info and taking care of my animals.

Kim M 
Caring knowledgable Dr. And a wonderful friendly staff loves the animals and knows how to care for their patients. This has been our Vet for about 6 yrs. 2 Dogs. Clean inviting

Baldwin Park, CA

we LOVE LOVE this place, most important of all, my dog- Cosmo loves this place.
The doctor is very nice and friendly, the price is very reasonable.
The staff there are also friendly, when you walk in there, you can felt their love and passion for taking good care of animals.

* The doctor takes long lunch break, so the best time to go for normal visit is in the morning*

Nancy M.

Hacienda Heights, CA


2 check-ins here

This has been my doggies vet office for both my dogs. First, my long lost Booboo that was stolen, I hope he is in good hands and now my crazy chocolate beagle. They staff are always friendly, kind and help to pet owners and even more kinder and gentle to the pets. I do believe this is their coming. I have bought Coco here on many occasions for several reasons and Dr. Singh and his staff have always been great and treated all us with much respect and care. Coco, isn't fond of coming however. The vet tech and even the doctor bring their pets to work, dr has a Great Dane walking around the office like nothing. A bit intimating but seems friendly. A bit pricey but for good care and service for my pet, I will pay it. I recommend coming. Located in a shopping center with a bunch of eateries next door, I know, seems sketchy, I assure very clean inside and nothing sketchy going on inside other than animals being treated. Watch with the tight parking however and bad traffic getting in and out.

Hacienda Heights, CA


I am thankful for Adam's Animal Hospital.  I have taken my old dog here twice and have been satisfied.  The first time we went here, she had a skin infection.  She had scratched/nibbled all the hair off of her lower back and I knew we needed to do something before it got worse.  I brought her here on recommendation from a friend who said that they actually care about your pets and don't overcharge.  I found this to be true! Dr. Singh got to work right away and took a sample of her irritated skin so he could rule out my dog having mites or other bugs that can irritate. He figured out that it was just an infection...as dogs age, their immune system get weaker and are more prone to these types of things.  He gave her a shot to stop any allergic reactions.  He gave us medicated shampoo, oral medication to stop the itching and a topical spray for the itching.  All of this, plus the office visit ($30) came out to about $150.  Not bad at all!  We stuck to the medication protocols and the infection cleared up in a week! No more red, inflamed doggie! :)

The second time we went here, my dog had a growth/tumor-looking thing on her low lip.  I had taken her to another vet that my dad found on yelp but they wanted to do full on surgery to remove it...It was going to cost $700! Of course I'm willing to do almost anything for my beloved 14 year old dog but wow, that's a lot of cash.  This vet was pretty far and I was going to have to take her back 2 more times, one for a blood test to see if she was healthy enough for general anesthesia and another time for the actual surgery.  I decided to get a second opinion at Adams, hoping for better news.  I called Adams right away and found out that they take walk-ins.  We went right over before closing and Dr. Singh said the tumor was small enough to remove under local anesthesia.  He said he could do full surgery but it would be expensive and it's more risky, seeing that my dog is 14.  We waited a long time in the exam room because the doctor had to take care of the other animals before removing the tumor.  Once he got to my dog, it took about 10-15 minutes to remove the tumor.  I was so worried about her that I started crying.  I didn't want her to be in pain :( She came out looking and feeling okay.  I took her right home because she was so stressed from 2 vet visits in one day!  Everything (office visit, shot to relax her, local anesthetic, tumor removal, 3 stitches, antibiotic shot and 7 days worth of oral antibiotic) cost $230.  Way better than $700! It's been a week and a half and my dog is looking happy again.  

Dr. Singh is not the most personable individual but he gets the job done.  His staff on the other hand are very friendly and you can tell they LOvE animals.  This is a busy place and it's because of what I just stated.  Also, they don't overcharge!

Annie H.

Walnut, CA


How should I start this review, THANK YOU THANK YOU AND THANK YOU DR. SINGH AND ALL YOUR STAFF (Renee, Crystal, Brendon, Erica, Debbie, Valerie) plus two cute lovely pet of their own Wallie & Cosmo. I was referred to Adams Animals hospital from my co-worker in 2005 since I move from Temple City to Walnut. I have to said this is THE BEST VET compared to all other vet I have visited before. My pet found diabetic early 2008 and lead to several other problem due to diabetic. Dr. Singh has been saving her again and again. He and his staff are extremely experience, professional and most important caring for pets.

If you love your pet, want some place caring, knowledge and reasonable price. Give it a try, you WON'T regret!!!

Again, THANK YOU Adams Animal Hospital!!!!!